Popular American rapper Jay-Z released his 13th studio album and also 13th solo album on 30th June 2017.

It was released by Tidal last week but is now available on iTunes,Amazon and Apple music as at today.

You can stream it with your Apple music subscription for free. The Album has been certified platinum by RIAA.

List of Jay-Z’s Track

1. “Kill Jay Z”
2. “The Story of O.J.”
3. “Smile” Feat. Gloria Carter
4. “Caught Their Eyes” Feat. Frank Ocean
5. “4:44″
6. “Family Feud” Feat. Beyoncé
7. “Bam” Feat. Damian Marley
8. “Moonlight”
9. “Marcy Me”
10. “Legacy”
11. “Adnis”
12. “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family”
13. “ManyFacedGod”

With 3 bonus tracks


Blue’s freestyle/we are family

And Believe it or not.

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