Natural Way to Easily Remove Face Fats naturally


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Natural Way to Easily Remove Face Fats naturally
Natural Way to Easily Remove Face Fats naturally

A person’s face portrays how beautiful one looks  especially when meeting with other people for the first. people with slim face are considered to be good looking, fine, sharp and smart. So don’t be surprised or angry when people consider you a fat person, that is because you have a chubby face. Having a slim face will not only make you to look beautiful or handsome, it will also increase your confidence when speaking in public places and it will also make dress to good and perfect on you. Face fat on the other hand makes you look fat, old, and unfit. So spare yourself those negative views about people with face fat and follow these steps to help you reduce and remove face fat once and for all without any adverse effect.

Things to do or avoid when removing face fat

  • Alcohol: not only does alcohol increases fat in the stomach region, it also build up fats in other parts of the body since the alcoholic contents are circulated throughout the body by the blood. Therefore, reducing your alcohol intake precisely “beers” is the first step to take when trying to remove fat from the face.
  • Drinks with artificial sweeteners and salty foods: Foods and drinks with artificial sweeteners like Aspertame, sucralose, saccharin, acesulfame and the likes are not health friendly to the body. They do not only make a person diabetic, they are also responsible for building up fat in the body. Consumption of salty foods will not help with the fat removing process.
  • Junk foods: fast foods like cheese, Burger, and fries contain oil which produce fat. Fast foods and processed meals also have artificial sweeteners, preservatives and they are usually salty. So when trying to remove face fat, you should be able to reduce the consumption of these junks.
  • Improve your facial posture: poor and sluggish look will make your face to be wide, heavy and dull. You should be able to comport your face by keeping your head up, tightening your facial skin and holding up your chin. Improving your face posture will help you look confident and sophisticated
  • Face exercise: Otherwise known as facial yoga. This has proven to be very effective in removing face fat and a number of successes have been recorded with this method. Facial yoga involves doing some facial exercises which i will not be able to explain here. But in order to be able to get a pictorial explanation of facial yoga, i recommend searching the YouTube with the keyword “face yoga or facial exercise”
  • Water: water is virtually in every cure to anything on earth. It doesn’t just serve our major purpose of drinking and for cooking, it is also known to serve as detoxifier that helps to remove toxic and foreign materials in the body. Fatty foods are one of those toxics and water helps to flush and remove these fats in the body. Drinking enough water of about 3-4 litters daily will help keep your body detoxified and leaving your face to look fresh and glittering. So if you want to remove face fat, water is the first and closest option that you have got.

How to reduce face fat with home remedies

What you need…
1. Chinese balm
2. Ginger
3. Lemon grass
4. Brown tea
5. Honey

How to use

1. Take a good amount of ginger and lemon grass and mash them together.

2. Put the mashed lemon grass and ginger in a pot or kettle, add the brown tea and put water that will be enough to cook them to form a herbal drink.

3. Cook them until the mixture boils and the scent is out. Then pour little amount of the cooked herb in a cup (which you are going to drink) and pour the rest in a bowl which you are going to use to massage your face

4. Add a spoon of honey to the one in the cup and drink it while its warm.

5. Add the Chinese balm to the one in the bowl for it to melt and mix with the herb.

6. Take a clean towel, soak it in the herb that you poured in the bowl, squeeze out the herbal water and use the hot towel to massage your face. Make sure the water is moderately warm for it be bearable while massaging your face with it. And try not to let the water get to your eyeballs because it might be peppery to the eyes.

These steps helps to remove face fat faster than any other method. Continue these processes at least twice weekly and avoid the things listed above. You will definitely see a positive result within 4weeks. Don’t forget to share this tips using any of the social keys below.


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