Reveal Buhari’s health status-Southern christian Elders to FG



Reveal Buhari’s health status-southern Christian Elders to FG.

The southern Christian elders have demanded to know the current health status of president Mohammed Buhari from the Federal government,They made this know on Thursday 6th July in a communiqué signed by the group.

In the 7point communiqué they pointed out to the federal government to make the health status of the president known to Nigerians as he the President is occupying a public office and Nigerians have the right to know the President’s health status and also pray for him as it also helps reduce political tension and anxiety in the country

Communiqué reads in quote “we pray for quick recovery of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari;
“We, however, call on the Federal Government to fully disclose the health status of His Excellency Muhammdu Buhari, considering that he is occupying an exulted public office.”
The communiqué further noted that the Christian Elders “are disturbed by the unstable state of the nation as a result of different agitations, threats and quit notices.
“We urge Christian Elders to wake up and fearlessly perform their prophetic role by speaking and acting proactively and appropriately.
“We urge the governors and members of the National Assembly to speak and act boldly to defend and protect the citizens.
“We note that the redemption of Nigeria now does not only require mere meetings and simple prayers, it requires concerted actions;
“We strongly condemn the removal or merging of Christian Religious Knowledge with National Value and Ethics in the Curriculum of Schools and we warn that any such surreptitious act could adversely affect the unity and stability of Nigeria;
“We call for the restructuring of Nigeria to reflect the ideal and principles of true federalism and sound democracy.”










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