Top 5 Simple Methods of Curing Premature Ejaculation

Top 5 Simple Methods of Curing Premature Ejaculation
Top 5 Simple Methods of Curing Premature Ejaculation

A lot of families have been torn apart by premature ejaculation (erectile dysfunction) due to the inability of the men to naturally satisfy their partners. This challenge has pushed many women into alternate partnerships that has ruined their marriages.

Most men suffering from this condition have been transformed into Viagra addicts while others have latched onto kidney destroying local remedies for salvation.  As part of our commitment to promoting family values and faithfulness we have outlined the top five ways to beat erectile dysfunction and last longer.


  1. Your breath is your power.

One of the ways in which men can beat erectile dysfunction and last longer is by learning the breath control trick. Breathing correctly is the difference between premature ejaculations and lasting longer. It involves taking deep breaths before sexual activity and holding breath as arousal rises and breathing out when it slows down.


  1. Water Melon Is Your Partner In Progress

Water melon is very nutritious. It is considered as one of the world’s oldest aphrodisiac it contains two very important phytonutrients citrulline and lycopene and according to a Texas study citrulline confers water melon with a Viagra like effect.

An Italian study which considered the effect of citrulline on 24 middle-aged men with “mild” erection problems reported that 50% of the men with erection difficulty had sex more frequently due to increase in libido and the resolution of their erectile difficulty with citrulline.

Taking one or two slices of water melon one hour before sex can redefine your sex experience completely.



  1. Manage stress Properly

Although sex is a great way to relive stress, being stressed up can complicate erectile dysfunction. If you have had a stressful day, it is important take a quick nap or relax before engaging your partner. Engaging your partner when you are stressed up will hasten your ejaculation and psychologically and mentally weigh you down.


  1. Avoid these foods

Your diet may be preventing you from the sexual experience you desire because some food destroy bedroom chemistry and weaken erection. A recent study published in the Cent European journal stated that regular diet mistakes among men may lead to slow and asymptomatic progression of erectile dysfunction before finally resulting in full blown erectile dysfunction. Here are some of the foods to avoid in order to achieve that bedroom synchronym you desire. Sugars, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and other food with high level of preservatives.


  1. Avoid Masturbation

One of the fastest ways to permanently skew and destroy your sex life is via masturbation. It disorientate the body system and gives it a false rhythm of sex. According to Michael Shelton a psychologist and sex therapist each time a man masturbates to a parahilic fantacy he further engraves it into his brain and increases the risk of significant distress and impairment in the future. Such individuals end up with impaired sexual functioning and satisfaction which when fully developed is almost impossible to cure.

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